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Digestion & Gut Detox Tea - Priced Per 50g - EcoFP Own Blend

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A classic green and white tea, blended with herbs and fruit peels to give this boost and energy detox tea, with a zesty finish it tastes lovely too!
The tea has wonderful benefits of cleansing your liver, improving digestion, stimulating blood pressure, soothing acid reflux, helping with bloating, reducing water retention in the body, cleansing, calming and relieving stress & anxiety. 

Designed to boost your energy while detoxing your body, drink 2 to 3 cups per day for 14 days. 
Chamomile Blossoms*, Dandelion Root*, Peppermint Green Tea China Gunpowder, Green Tea Matcha, Lemon Grass, Mate Green, Natural Flavouring, White Tea Mao Feng, Lemon Peel, Mallow, China Black Pi Lo Chun Longkou, Horsetail, Dandelion, Spirulina, Guarana,
*Certified organic

NOTE - If you are elderly or have a weak bladder sip this tea with caution. Dandelion tea is a diuretic and can increase urine output! 
Naturally caffeine-free.
Using a small to heaped teaspoon (depending on your taste preferences) of the leaves, sleep for 10-20 minutes for maximum benefits from the leaves, freshly boiled water cooled to about 75-80 degrees.
Don't forget you can re-use your leaves multiple times! ;o)
Caffeine free!


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